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Our technology

Technology that gives you more: time, capacity, weekends off

Gecko puts more hours into your day and more capacity into your teams using innovative and intuitive technology. We’ll work with you to build a modular solution to your most pressing needs. So you gain maximum time and capacity benefits, and never pay for anything you don’t need.

Technology that gives you more: time, capacity, weekends off

You can add or take away technology as you need

Gecko seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM

Constantly innovating to bring you more

We'll help you configure your bespoke solution from seven modules:

ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot

Your bot will instantly answer common questions from students 24/7, and actually become smarter as it works
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Cloud Call Center

Make every call the right call
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The perfect way to connect with prospective students
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Live Chat

Answer every inquiry from every channel from one inbox
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On-Campus Events

Create campus events that have students' attention in minutes
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Online Events

Feel like you're there even when you're not
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Text & Email Campaigns

One simple tool, thousands of successful interactions
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We work well with others

Our technology is built to integrate seamlessly with your existing tech, including your CRM. That means you can customize Gecko to work for you – with everything you need and nothing you don’t – and then plug it in and go.

We aim to implement your technology in one week. During this time we’ll install everything you need (of course), and also make sure you and your team know exactly how to squeeze every ounce of value from Gecko.

Security & privacy

Gecko uses AWS data centres for storing and processing all application data,
meaning your data is secure and compliant with all regional standards. Gecko
supports MFA and encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit. AWS is HIPAA eligible
and PCI DSS, SOC, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, and ISO 9001

Seamless integration

One of the main strengths of our technology is its ability to work with and enhance your existing tech, including your CRM. It means maximum impact on your capacity, for a minimal initial outlay.

Constantly evolving

At Gecko, innovation is our lifeblood. We are constantly looking at new forms of technology and clever solutions to common challenges that we can make work for you in the Higher Education space.



Setting up our out-of-the-box integration takes less than 60 seconds with one of the world’s leading CRM. It's an instant and easy-to-manage syncing process along with integration to the Target X event module.


Leveraging Gecko’s powerful and highly customizable exports allows for seamless integration, helping you make your processes simple with Slate.

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