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Online Events

Online Events

Feel like you're there even when you're not

Taking student recruitment online isn’t about replacing human contact. It’s about facilitating it in a new way. It’s time to let prospective students explore campus from anywhere and on any device.

Build an on-brand virtual experience

Unlimited number of students unlimited number of events

Deliver a next-level virtual experience

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Engage your students

Bring your students and campus together and create a sense of community through Gecko’s engaging and interactive platform. Incorporate your own look and feel and create a lasting virtual experience that’s as easy to achieve as Zoom.

Highly flexible and scalable

Requirements for events always change but your technology doesn’t have to. Gecko helps you create an event that’s uniquely tailored to your institution and your students. Whether you have one student or thousands, our platform remains the same but you have room for growth!

Streamline your events process

Save time, create a consistent experience and maximize your productivity by creating the perfect event structure once, then clone it across your entire events calendar. Then your team can focus on what really matters: the event.

Personalized itinerary for every attendee

Bring your event to life by creating a beautiful, branded, experience for each attendee. Improve the student experience by giving students the ability to manage their own schedule, that not only enhances the experience but reduces the number of admin queries your team receives.

Gecko connects with your existing technology

All our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing technology, including your CRM. For Online Events, that means you can have everything tracked and stored in one place so no students ever fall through the cracks. That’s why we provide real-time reporting on interactions with students, every step of the way so you can use the data to inform the personalized communications you then send them.

Plus, you can use information from your CRM to build a profile of the student you’re chatting with, which leads to more meaningful conversations and encourages the best possible outcomes.

Key features:

  1. Highly engaging
  2. Create sense of community
  3. Any size of event
  4. Streamline and scale
  5. Personalized itinerary for every attendee
  6. Build personalized schedule for students
  7. Highly flexible and scalable
  8. Integrate with your existing CRM
Corinto Cevallos
It's been a fantastic experience to be able to work with Gecko and get students to where they need to be in such a troubling environment that we are in right now.
Corinto Cevallos
Business Analyst, Bunker Hill Community College

We'll help you configure your bespoke solution from seven flexible technologies:

ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot

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Cloud Call Center

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Live Chat

Answer every inquiry from every channel from one inbox
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On-Campus Events

Create campus events that have students' attention in minutes
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Online Events

Feel like you're there even when you're not
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Text & Email Campaigns

One simple tool, thousands of successful interactions
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