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Supercharge Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Gecko

Supercharge Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Gecko

Gecko’s under one roof platform integrates directly with Dynamics to add a HE-specific student engagement layer to your CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics is increasingly being used by Higher Education institutions as it delivers a lot of core CRM functionality. But it doesn’t provide the end-to-end, customizable student engagement that institutions need and students now expect. This is where Gecko comes in. Gecko is easy to set up, user-friendly, modular, and scalable. Plus our platform approach means you don’t have to bolt in multiple different products that don’t connect and share data.

We will work hand-in-hand with your institution to build your Gecko and Dynamics integration to deliver a more advanced data sync between the two systems. This will allow your admissions team to better access student data like interactions and engagement across the admission cycle and will help decipher and measure ROI with advanced analytics.

There is no way we would have the volume or quality of data we have without the Gecko and Dynamics integration.
Hugh Tonking
CRM Manager, University of Bath

20+ Gecko partners who integrate with Dynamics

We've never been able to find something that works as well for higher education as the Gecko platform. We try to do as much in our CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, as we can because it makes sense that we want to do as much as we can within that system.
Ben Hodgkiss
Systems Development Manager, University of Durham

Raise the student engagement bar with our Dynamics integration

If you’re already using Microsoft Dynamics as your CRM, or you’re considering switching, then you’ll want to ensure that any other software you identify can seamlessly integrate with it and enhance the overall experience.

Gecko has been developed to enhance CRM platforms like Dynamics based on a decade of input from HE institutions to provide the tools you need to improve student engagement, enrolment, and satisfaction.

To ensure you get the most from your Gecko x Dynamics integration, we provide tailored onboarding, regular training, and helpful resources to help our partners achieve the full potential of their Dynamics integration.

Our HE partners using Dynamics can:

  • Easily access student conversation data with automatic sync to CRM
  • Track prospect interactions and progress throughout the admissions cycle
  • Inform and contribute to better marketing decisions from data and analytics
  • Optimize the student funnel for improved yield and enrollment numbers
We looked at multiple tools but we chose Gecko because of its integration with our CRM, Microsoft Dynamics. Also, Gecko is built for education, it's not taking something out of the box and trying to make it fit when it doesn’t.
Jamie Roberts
Student Recruitment Manager, University of Law

In 5 simple steps you'll be up and running. That's it!

  1. Get your Dynamics instance URL
  2. Register Gecko as an authorised app for your Dynamics account
  3. Log in to Gecko and navigate to Integrations
  4. Add a new integration for Dynamics and input your details
  5. Click connect with Dynamics
We’ve had over 1 million syncs between Gecko and Dynamics. If you think about every one of those being a row in a spreadsheet that we’d have to manually process - it’s impossible!
Hugh Tonking
CRM Manager, University of Bath



Built atop the Azure portal, our out-of-the-box integration wins you back time by giving you full control over where your data is immediately synced to while offering a 1st class experience to the student.


Setting up our out-of-the-box integration takes less than 60 seconds with one of the world’s leading CRM. It's an instant and easy-to-manage syncing process along with integration to the Target X event module.


Leveraging Gecko’s powerful and highly customizable exports allows for seamless integration, helping you make your processes simple with Slate.