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Gecko delivers more

Gecko delivers more

We provide the smartest solutions to common challenges in the Higher Education sector.

We take the time, human resources, and other capacity our customers have and make it work harder.

Unrivalled support from the Gecko team

Intelligent, innovative, and intuitive technology

More time, more capacity, more effectiveness

And why do we do it?
We do it because we believe in the power of education. And we want to free you to do what you do best – engage, excite and educate students, to the benefit of everyone. As technology advances and students, parents, and even alumni expect more from you, we think you should expect more too.
Raise your expectations. And know we’re ready to exceed them.

Meet the team

  • Matthew Lanham


  • Neil Jordan


  • Jeremy Cooper


  • Todd Tribble

    Senior Vice President, North America

  • Nick Cole

    Managing Director, UK

  • Duncan Findlater

    Interim CMO

  • Stewart Scougall


  • Heather Di Rollo

    Head of Finance

  • Ruth Walker

    People & Office Manager

  • Jonny Richardson

    Head of Implementation

  • Chris Gibson

    UK Sales Manager

  • Paige Lynch

    Office Coordinator

  • Scott Johnston

    Finance Assistant

  • Jamie Crampton

    Senior Account Executive

  • Ruby Williams

    Customer Success Executive

  • Jonny Urquhart

    Customer Success Executive

  • Scott Beresford

    Customer Success Executive

  • Chanelle Francis

    Customer Success Executive

  • Michelle Smith

    Customer Success Executive

  • Cheryl Sloan

    Product Manager

  • Callum Dickson

    Product Manager

  • Liam Young

    Product Designer

  • Lee McGowan

    Engineering Manager

  • Drew Bryce

    Engineering Manager

  • Malcolm Christie

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Scott Carmichael

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Adrian Chen

    Senior Software Development Engineer

  • Callum Hogg

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Sean Lynch

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Donald Lessells

    Software Engineer

  • Pete Somerville

    Software Engineer

  • Fraser McVean

    Software Engineer

  • Daniel Joyce

    Software Engineer

  • Martin MacDonald

    Software Engineer

  • Daniel Oraca

    Software Engineer

  • Kris Tun

    Software Engineer

  • Karolina Kaczmarska

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Amanda Williamson

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Allan Milne

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Andrew Craib

    Quality Assurance

  • Anitha Alapati

    Senior QA Engineer

  • Ilona Rama

    Marketing Executive

  • Brian Anderson

    Marketing Manager

  • Steph Sharkey

    Campaign & Content Executive

  • Lucy Galloway

    Senior Marketing Executive

What excites me most about working at Gecko is that we're allowed to be dissenters. We can have our own opinions and we can share them as equals and no one will call you out for that. So as well as being a great place to work, it's also a great place to grow and to find who you want to be.
Lee McGowan
Engineering Manager