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Be super responsive while you sleep

Our chatbot intelligently answers hundreds of student inquiries simultaneously. And it does it from any communication channel, any time of the day or night. It means your team is freed up to spend their time and energy on the most impactful activities and build real relationships with the students who need it most.

60% of messages handled by chatbot are out of working hours

A personality-filled chatbot that enhances your brand

Clever AI gets smarter as it works, and knows when to hand over to humans

Like having your own call center

Gecko chatbot handles all those frequently asked questions that fill up your email inbox and steal the hours from your working day. It means you’re free to take a more impactful and strategic approach to communication.

Handle questions from anywhere 24/7

Technology means we’ve all come to expect instant answers – any time of the day or night. Our chatbot handles hundreds of inquiries simultaneously from multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, and web chat.

Building the bot that’s right for you

Our implementation team unlocks all your institutional knowledge, so your chatbot becomes your most knowledgeable new employee – one that never sleeps! And we can plan, build and train your team in using your new chatbot all in one week.

Intelligent handover to humans

On average, a chatbot handles more than 95% of inquiries without any human input. When it comes time to involve a member of your team, we route student messages to the correct individual, and make it easy for your team to manage your workflow.

Every inquiry is an opportunity

We understand that while students enjoy more choice than ever before, institutions are faced with the challenge of delivering more – often with fewer resources. Our chatbot frees up your time, so you can concentrate on more strategic tasks, and spend your time nurturing relationships rather than battling through your inbox. We make sure no student inquiries are missed and give every student the opportunity to ask the questions they want answered.

Key features:

  1. Always on 24/7
  2. Gets smarter with every conversation
  3. Build your brand
  4. Fast installation & training
  5. Multi-channel
  6. Hands-off to humans
  7. Intuitive & easy to use
  8. Code-free customization
The results so far have been staggering. Pearl bot is not only helping us improve communications with our students but is also freeing up our time, allowing us to have more valuable conversations with students - the conversations that really do require human interaction.
Esau Tovar
Dean of Enrollment Services, Santa Monica College

We'll help you configure your bespoke solution from seven flexible technologies:


Your bot will instantly answer common questions from students 24/7, and actually become smarter as it works
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Cloud Call Center

Make every call the right call
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College Fairs

The perfect way to connect with prospective students
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Live Chat

Answer every inquiry from every channel from one inbox
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On-Campus Events

Create campus events that have students' attention in minutes
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Online Events

Feel like you're there even when you're not
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Text & Email Campaigns

One simple tool, thousands of successful interactions
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