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Gecko Use Case

Alumni Engagement with Gecko

Alumni communities are too important to be managed from a spreadsheet, or left languishing on a newsletter list. Here’s how you can level-up your alumni engagement strategy with Gecko.

Alumni Engagement with Gecko
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Why leverage Gecko to engage your alumni community?

1. Emails aren’t enough to drive anyone to meaningful action.

Email communication is wonderfully scaleable. But it is not the most impactful channel when your goal is to drive your alumni community to take action, especially when it is used on it’s own.

Other channels, such as texting, calling and running live events, are more likely to influence your alums to do what you’d like them to do. And the real trick to seeing increased impact at scale is to combine all of the above into a single, multi-channel strategy (using automation to tie them all together.)

2. Alumni communities deserve more than a spreadsheet — and so does your team.

Managing your alumni community from a spreadsheet (or even a simple email tool like Mailchimp) limits the quality of communication they’ll receive from you.

And it doesn’t do your staff many favours either. Trying to shoe-horn a robust communications strategy into simple tools leads to duplicated contacts, untracked communications, and tons of copy/pasting. Leveraging Gecko as a CRM for your alumni community gives your team access to robust contact management features that’ll make your team’s lives so much easier.

3. Augmenting your student recruitment tool to handle alumni engagement is a lose-lose situation.

No doubt you’ll already have a CRM for handing prospective students. So why couldn’t you augment that system to handle your alumni engagement strategy too? If your institution has an easy-to-use CRM, you might even be lucky enough to have the resources to change it up. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Why?

Augmenting a CRM to handle two or more audience types will add complexity. Whenever a system becomes more complex, it becomes harder to use and difficult to change. In turn, this reduces your ability to launch campaigns quickly, as the average staffer won’t want to “break” anything.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to serve multiple audiences from a single system. But you should be aware of the trade-offs before you commit.

An alternative strategy would be to bring your alumni data into a siloed system, where your team are empowered to run their own campaigns without worrying about how it affects colleagues in other parts of your institution.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Reporting

Combine any of Gecko's modules for Alumni Engagement, including:

Cloud Call Center

Leverage scripts within call campaigns, capture structured conversation data, then use workflows for automated follow-up.

Student Portal

House all your alumni content, online events, and tasks in a personalized, fully-branded portal.


Text campaigns are much more impactful for driving action, just as scaleable, and super-easy to create.