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GeckoTalks: Raising the bar on student engagement

Find out how you can outperform the challenges of the sector and turn great student engagement into enrollments, retention and advocacy at your HE institution.

GeckoTalks: Raising the bar on student engagement

In the first of our new GeckoTalks webinar series, Gecko’s SVP, North America Todd Tribble and UK Managing Director Nick Cole share and discuss why it’s more important than ever to have the strategy, tools, and team to deliver a great student engagement experience to increasingly expectant prospects.

Why do you need a better student engagement strategy now? In the US, enrollments are declining, sharply in an already crowded market. In the UK, higher entry results have led to record levels of domestic undergraduate enrollments. This has led to a split between ‘top’ and ‘lower’ tier institutions.

Meanwhile, Generation Z won’t answer their phones and HE institutions are struggling to manage student engagement expectations with the current systems that they have in place. The reality is: students want instant answers, across multiple platforms, and the kind of digital experiences that inspire them to act and engage at a deeper level.

We’ll show you what good looks like when it comes to student engagement and why you shouldn’t settle for less – because the competition definitely isn’t!

Key takeaways include:

  • Why you should care about student engagement
  • Sector challenges vs evolving communication trends
  • What a winning student engagement strategy looks like
  • Tactical ways you can outperform sector challenges

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Our Speakers

The webinar draws on Todd’s 12+ years of HE experience with Hobsons and Nick’s 20 years experience of marketing strategy and brand building experience with international agencies and global Fintech SaaS businesses.

Taking an inside/outside approach, expect a back and forth discussion between two people with different but complementary experiences talking about respective higher education markets and the crucial role communication and engagement plays in the success or failure of modern HE institutions.

If you’re dreading another admissions cycle where you’re not able to leverage the kind of smart student engagement that you need to convert prospects, you don’t want to miss this.

Bryan Jue
We really had to look to technology because we had so much manual process and we couldn’t sustain that. You don't need to always add more staff in more places, it's leveraging your staff in the right way and using technology to be able to deliver in a responsive way.
Bryan Jue
Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, UCI

Who we are:

Gecko is an engagement platform designed for student engagement. We will work with you to transform the student experience, boost enrollment and retention, and lighten the load for staff. We’ve already helped smart institutions engage with more than 10 million students.