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Cloud Call Center for Slate CRM

Have TONS MORE conversations from WAY FEWER calling hours.

Hit 200 dials per session, eliminate manual follow-up, and feel the love from your student callers.

Have TONS MORE conversations from WAY FEWER calling hours.

Gecko’s Cloud Call Center 💚 Slate

Keep Slate at the center of your world by leveraging Gecko to run your student call campaigns. It’s a surefire way to boost your team’s productivity WITHOUT giving up on visibility of your activities in Slate.

Intrigued? Scroll down for 20 reasons why your call center will never be the same again.

Call Center for Slate CRM

Slate rocks ‘cos everything is tracked — we’ll help you keep it that way.

You can use an external call center platform without giving up on what makes Slate awesome — having all your student touch-points accounted for (and usable in the rest of your comms plans).


1. Show how your calls impact the metrics your VP REALLY cares about.

There’s a time and a place for granular, call-specific stats like pick-up rate. But understanding how call campaigns influence big picture metrics like yield is where the value really lies — and a Slate integration is step one.

Run reports on your high-level metrics in Slate, then work backwards to see which Gecko-powered call campaigns influenced those metrics.


2. Maintain rock solid confidence that Slate knows everything that’s going on.

Having your CRM as the single source of truth means you can make the decisions that’ll improve how you operate. But only if all of your data is accounted for in there! With missing data, you’ll never know what you’ll never know, so you gotta trust that all calls have been synced to the student record.

Slate CRM Activity History


3. Reduce busywork (and calling hours) by automatically syncing call outcomes, notes and follow-ups to Slate.

You’re paying for your callers’ ability to showcase your institution over the phone. So free them up to do just that, rather than wasting time copy-pasting notes from one system to another.

Think of a simple formula: calling hours in → valuable outcomes out. While getting your data into Slate *is* a valuable outcome, you’d much rather maximize the time your callers are spending actually having conversations. So we don’t ask you to choose between those two outcomes — with Gecko, you can have both.


4. Waste not one more second building reports, with done-for-you analysis ready from day one.

Your expertise is better invested understanding how call campaigns work for your institution specifically. So spend your time there, not wasting effort creating reports that we can provide straight out the box.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Reporting
I aim for 200 dials per [4-hour] session. And I'm speaking with nearly half of those students.
Student Telecounselor

“So if I don’t lose by *not* calling from Slate, why should we use Gecko?”

10x call campaigns are built from incremental gains in multiple different areas. So every Gecko feature is built to maximise the number of productive conversations per hour of call time.


5. Plan your calls based on when students pick up, not when your office is open.

Ditch the hot-desking rota and cubicles, and free your callers to reach out after-hours. When you can make calls from any laptop, at any time, then you can prioritize the times when your targets are free to chat — and that’s how you get yourself into more productive conversations.

Granular Segmentation

6. Ramp-up relevancy with super-targeted call lists (then watch positive call outcomes skyrocket).

Whether you’re following-up after an event or chasing down documentation, calling from smaller, granular call lists means your team’s spiel will be bang on-point (see point 20, on scripts, below). Trust us, it works way better than huge lists with zero segmentation.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Dynamic Call Campaigns

automatic rescheduling

7. Only calling a student once is killing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

In a world where most students don’t pick up, you gotta be rescheduling calls automatically. Having a few at bats with every prospect, rather than giving up after a single attempt, means you’ll avoid leaving a ton of conversations on the table.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Call Backs

dynamic call lists

8. Shred your paper call sheets and work from an up-to-date list every time.

If manually dialing numbers is so 2010, then printing call sheets is so 1910. Today’s call lists can update dynamically, so you can be sure your data is up-to-the-minute accurate.

baked-in processes

9. Help your not-so-good callers become like your best callers with a robust, repeatable process.

Every call is different. But who to call, what to say, when to dial and how to follow-up can be built into a process that’ll help even your non-superstar callers have tons of kickass conversations. And the best part is once you have a process that works, you can just rinse-and-repeat for the next campaign/caller/use-case.

rapid dialling

10. Minimize fumbling between calls. Dial on auto-pilot, with the next call target teed-up for you.

There’s zero need to pause and think who you’re going to call next, and you can be 100% sure that your teammate isn’t trying to call the same students.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Rapid Dialling


11. Get more students to pick up the phone by leveraging texts and emails alongside calls.

Calling into the void is a fast-track to mediocre results. But when a student knows to expect your call — and even has your number saved — then you’re giving your campaigns the best chance of success.

continuous testing

12. Incrementally improve month-over-month by testing new scripts, then analyzing the uplift.

The best are always getting better. And with a structured way to host, update and analyze different call scripts, that’s what colleagues will say about your call team.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Dynamic Call Scripts

context awareness

13. Make calls that students are happy to have answered.

Not every call is the offer of a full-ride scholarship. But if you’re a student who is on the fence, speaking with a caller who knows your situation can reinforce that gut feeling that you’re making the right decision.

With Gecko, a full student record is on-screen whilst dialling, so callers can make your prospects feel heard.

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Minimize Ramp Time

14. Empower callers to gain experience on the job, without being left to sink or swim.

It has (not yet) been scientifically proven that scripts can decrease the ramp-time of new callers by 1,000,000%. But it’s definitely true that having a dynamic crutch for support, wherever the conversation may go, is a win-win for newbie callers and the students they’re speaking with.


15. Create safe spaces for callers to practice with one another, and they’ll level-up on their own.

Practice scripts, practice contacts, and practice campaigns gives your team the autonomy to pair-up and coach themselves. Plus, playing the call recordings back means they can identify which areas need a little more work.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Practice Call Campaigns

Call Recordings

16. Never struggle for examples of what GREAT looks sounds like when coaching students.

Help callers learn from the best, then watch them become the best. Being able to point to plentiful recordings of kickass calls is a cheat code for helping your team improve their call-craft.

Caller happiness = caller productivity = caller results 💚

It’s not just about metrics and productivity. Everyone wants to enjoy their work — and student callers are no different. Why not send this next section to them, and see if they’d enjoy working from Gecko?

structured Notes

17. Say adios to taking time-consuming notes. Just click, select and type.

Ditch the pen and paper, and take notes you know your boss will want to hear about. A drop-down here, a multi-select there — and if you’re a pro, you’ll get it done before the call even ends.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Structured Note-Taking

laptop dialling

18. Work from anywhere, any time AND have more conversations? Win-win.

Fire up your laptop from your dorm room and reach students when they’re most likely to pick up. Then say goodbye to trekking into the office just to get your calls done.

Seriously, wifi and a laptop is all you’ll need. And there’s nothing to install. Remote work #FTW.

smart automations

19. Liberate yourself from manual follow-ups that KILL your flow

Ain’t nothing worse than jumping off a great call and taking tiiiiiime to get to the next one. Most follow-ups can be automated with a couple of clicks, then you’re on your way to the next convo.

Call Center for Slate CRM — Automated Follow-Up Workflows

Flexible SCRIPTS

20. Call confidently from day one with scripts, without sounding scripted.

Scripts help you stay on point and flow with the conversation, but still allow your personality to shine. And they’re super-useful for keeping you on track when you’re switching between different call types.


My favorite part of Gecko is the structured freedom that the call scripts give us.
Student Telecounselor