Conversational messaging, backed by bots.

Our customizable bots handle the heavy-lifting, answering questions, capturing leads, registering students for events and more. This frees your team to focus on valuable one-to-one dialogue.

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GeckoChat Mobile UI
GeckoChat Channel Options

Set-up once, use everywhere.

We’re channel agnostic. Whether your students reach out on Facebook Messenger, via text message, or over Live Chat, one bot can engage in hundreds of simultaneous conversations (and knows when to hand-over to a human).

  • Read and Reply to Emails in GeckoChat
  • Read and Reply to SMS in GeckoChat
  • Read and Reply to Facebook Messenger in GeckoChat
  • Read and Reply to WeChat in GeckoChat
  • Read and Reply to WhatsApp in GeckoChat
  • Read and Reply to Twitter in GeckoChat
  • Read and Reply to Website Visitors in GeckoChat

Prove that messaging campaigns influence enrolment metrics.

With an integration to your HigherEd CRM, you can tie conversations to institutional outcomes. When you can track how one-to-one conversations influence downstream metrics like applications and enrolments, no-longer will messaging be labelled as a cost-centre.

GeckoChat Metrics
  • Code-free customisation
    Code-free customisation
  • Always on, 24/7/365
    Always on, 24/7/365
  • Getting smarter, conversation by conversation
    Getting smarter, conversation by conversation
  • Built-in demo environment
    Built-in demo environment

Bots and humans, working together.

Bots enhance human-to-human communication; but they’ll never fully replace it. Whilst bots can handle many conversations in their entirety, sometimes a student just wants to speak to a real person.

When that time comes, we ensure the student’s message is routed to the correct individual, and then we make it super-simple for your team manage their workflow.

Gecko Chat Platform

One bot, unlimited uses.

Our bots are modular, like building blocks — and can be trained to manage lots of different tasks. This means you can create super-focused bots to handle specific use-cases or scenarios.

Here’s a few ideas for how you could use your bots.

  • No-Touch Lead Capture Bot

    Automatically capture leads from any channel, and sync them to your CRM — with no need for human contact whatsoever.

    No-Touch Lead Capture Bot
  • After-Hours/Weekend Bot

    Answer questions when the team are out of the office. Or, capture a student’s contact details and explain that your team will follow-up when they return.

    After-Hours/Weekend Bot
  • Recruiter Response Bot

    Instruct a bot to assist your recruiters in handling dialogue with students after your recruitment fairs.

    Recruiter Response Bot
  • Open Day/Campus Tour Bot

    Allow visitors to ask questions when they’re physically on-campus. Bots can handle common questions — and humans can take care of the rest.

    Open Day/Campus Tour Bot
  • Any Form, Anywhere Bot

    You no-longer need to send a student to a specific page to capture an inquiry or register for an event. Instead, do it from any page on your website.

    Any Form, Anywhere Bot

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