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Case Study

Less hard work, harder working events

The University of Law is the largest law school in the United Kingdom and, tracing its origins to 1876, has a proud history of providing law degrees and professional legal training.

Less hard work,  harder working events
We looked at multiple tools but we chose Gecko because of its integration with our CRM, Microsoft Dynamics. Also, Gecko is built for education, it's not taking something out of the box and trying to make it fit when it doesn’t.
Jamie Roberts
Student Recruitment Manager, University of Law

Project Objectives

Before 2020, The University of Law ran predominantly in-person events. The events would range from thousands of prospective students attending a big event like an open day to smaller more bespoke events with schools, with around 10-15 students.

When partnering with Gecko, the objective was to move in-person events online across 18 distinct campuses spread across the UK, and even an international branch in Hong Kong, using new technology.

The Challenge

When Covid struck, The University of Law faced with two main challenges:

  1. How would the team remain committed to adopting new technology, while budgets were being reviewed due to Covid?
  2. How will they move in-person events online with multiple campuses throughout the country and how will they have the ability to book certain students on specific time slots for events across all campuses and close the registration once the time slots are full.

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When you ask students to sign up for an event on one system, then sign up for an account on another, the journey for students can be disjointed. Gecko will be able to streamline some of this for us
Jamie Roberts
Student Recruitment Manager, University of Law
The Solution
The University of Law used Gecko’s online events platform to allow students to check-in to events themselves through RSVP pages, saving time for both students and staff by removing manual steps.

Keeping the student experience top of mind

As the University of Law considered moving online events back on campus they focused on two key areas:

  1. Simplify the on-campus check-in process
  2. Meet the demand of the on-demand generation by turning their manual communications with students into automated ones

Students expect simplicity these days. And with the aim of creating a student experience that’s faster, easier, more efficient, and increases student satisfaction, the University of Law partnered with Gecko to use QR codes and to automate communications, meaning joining instructions, thank you emails and event feedback is no longer taking up hours of valuable staff time.

The University of Law has improved processes with Gecko that have not only enhanced the student experience but also improved it from a staffing perspective.