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Record-Breaking Enrollment: University of California, Irvine Attracts Students with support from AI

Our CEO, Matt Lanham recently had the opportunity to catch up with Bryan Jue, Sr. Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and Ronald Whitenhall, Associate Director of High School Outreach, during a fireside chat.

Take a look at what Bryan Jue and Ronald Whitenhill had to say about how UCI leveraged chatbot technology to assist with an increase of 50,000 applications!

Here are a couple more highlights: 

  • Peter the Anteater is able to automate repetitive tasks, so the UCI team can focus on creative and high-impact work that creates value and inspires students. 

The result you ask? A happier and more productive admissions team doing meaningful work!

  • Peter the anteater plays tag-team with in-person staff. If Peter doesn’t know the answer, a member of the team can hop in to assist when needed. When someone from UCI steps in and replies on behalf of Peter, it creates a ‘training opportunity’, and he learns and gets even smarter after that! 
  • Implementing the bot was a breeze, Ronald shared ‘it was surprisingly way easier than expected and within a week, we were up and running!’ 

Check out the full fireside chat here!