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Get to Know Us: Inside the World of Gecko

Welcome, Gecko Community! We’d like to take this opportunity to take you behind the scenes and offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of Gecko.

At Gecko, our mission is clear: to revolutionise student engagement. We’re not just about creating software; we’re about revolutionising the way student engagement is done. Every line of code we write and every feature we develop is driven by our passion for making a real difference in the education sector. But what truly sets us apart isn’t just our advances software – it’s our people, our values, and our culture of excellence.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the world’s most successful student engagement platform. We’re not content with just being good; we’re striving to be the absolute best. Whether it’s through groundbreaking technology, exceptional customer service, or a relentless pursuit of excellence, we’re committed to setting the standard for student engagement worldwide.

Our Values

At the core of everything we do are our values: “W

ork as a team,” “Motivated by change,” “Put customers first,” and “Learning mindset.” These values aren’t just words on a page; they’re the guiding principles that shape our decisions, drive our actions, and define who we are as a company. From fostering a culture of collaboration and adaptability to always putting our customers’ needs first and embracing a continuous learning mentality, our values are the compass that steers us toward success.

But what truly makes us shine is our people – our ‘Geckos’! 💚

Our awesome SaaS products provide smart solutions to common challenges faced in Higher Education, used by the world’s best-known Universities. But to consistently deliver outstanding creativity, technical excellence, and remarkable customer service; that takes something truly special. It takes a high-performance culture built by people who not only understand what it means to show true humility, humanity, and humour but who also love what they do and, most importantly, who care!

Our Culture

At Gecko, we’ve come a long way since our days as an office-based team. Now, as a fully remote company, we’ve not only adapted to this new way of working but have thrived. Our strong tenure is a testament to the supportive and inspiring environment we’ve created, with our very first Gecko still leading the charge. It’s a journey we’re proud of, and it’s just one of the many ways we’re forging ahead in the world of student engagement.

Connection, creativity, and conversation form the beating heart of our culture at Gecko. Embracing the shift to remote work, we’ve seamlessly integrated Gather, our virtual office space, into our daily routines.

Our virtual office

Our Slack channels are a testament to our close-knit community, boasting a diverse array of micro-communities, from #music enthusiasts to fitness buffs to lovers of #fun-n-games. We take pride in our adept use of Slack, keeping the conversation flowing effortlessly across our virtual landscape.

To combat isolation, we’ve implemented regular randomised virtual coffee meet-ups within our virtual office, ensuring that no connection fades into the background. Over the years, we’ve delighted in sharing our passions through online classes, ranging from invigorating HIIT sessions to serene yoga practices and even culinary adventures in virtual cooking classes.

While a lot of our social events have migrated to the virtual realm, we still relish occasional in-person gatherings. Gathering our UK and US teams together is paramount, fostering stronger bonds and deepening our sense of unity.

At Gecko, our virtual doors are always open, fostering a culture of inclusivity, connection, and endless possibilities. While we thrive in our digital playground, we eagerly anticipate our cherished in-person gatherings, where bonds are strengthened, ideas flourish, and memories are made.

Join us on our journey as we continue to push boundaries, inspire one another, and make a difference in the world of student engagement. Together, we’re building something truly extraordinary.

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