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How long does it take to launch a chatbot?

It’s not as time consuming as you might think to launch a chatbot.  While it might seem overwhelming when you consider how to get all your institutional knowledge transferred into chatbot technology, the reality is you can nail it in one week or less.

The Tech/Time Conundrum

You know the drill; you’ve purchased some new technology to create efficiency for your university, but the thought of how much time it will take to implement is counter-intuitive to the very reason you made that investment.

Your already-stretched team will have to devote countless hours, days and weeks to preparing data, working with IT, setting up workflows and a million other things to make sure that your new piece of tech makes that vital difference to productivity in the long term.

And if you’re thinking about launching a chatbot to deal with routine questions and inquiries, there must be thousands of questions and answers that you’ll have to input to make sure it’s doing its job.  That will take forever, right?


Upskilling your Chatbot

There are a couple of quick ways to train a chatbot; you can automate the process through “scraping” your website or another data source to populate answers to frequently asked questions, or you can get the knowledge base (your team) in a room and take it from there.

With scraping, there’s a high level of risk. If you wanted to translate a piece of communication into another language, you wouldn’t just pop it through Google Translate and send it out, would you? You would know that automation carries risk of inaccuracy, and you would have to double check the data.  It’s the same with chatbot training.

From Zero to Hero

Here at Gecko, we prefer to cut out that automated middleman, and go straight to the source of all knowledge; the people who have been answering the questions manually up until now.

We don’t believe in scraping for thousands of pieces of data that then have to be manually checked.  We know that some focused time with people in the know generates faster, higher quality learning for our AI-driven chatbots.

Starting from zero, our chatbots for higher education are up, running, and delivering results in a week or less.

Chatbot In A Week

With more and more higher education institutions choosing to use a GeckoEngage chatbot on their websites and social channels, we now have a finely honed process for getting our partners up and running.

We go onsite with our clients during implementation week to harness all the knowledge from people and systems and get it transferred into the chatbot.  Within a week, a fully functional, consistently improving chatbot is live and delivering results. Results that include 96% of all conversations being resolved without the help of human, or nearly 60 hours of time saved in just a few days.

How is this possible? Check out our recent case studies on Georgia Southern University and Western Iowa Tech Community College for more detail on how this is done and what the results are.

GeckoEngage provides chatbot, live chat, data capture and event management technology for higher education.  If you would like to find out more about our chatbot solution, why not schedule a demo?