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Help, I lost my login: IT HelpDesk Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is popping up seemingly everywhere these days, and the IT support function is no exception. Chatbots in higher education are best known for supporting college recruitment efforts, answering general questions and helping students navigate admissions processes. But you can also use a chatbot to complement your IT team resource, as the first point of contact. With an IT help desk chatbot in place, students can get immediate support to reset their password, find a printer or access institutional software tools. 

At the start of each academic year, campus IT and help desks are flooded with questions, such as, ‘How do I reset my password?’, ‘Which wifi should I use?’, ‘Can I use my own laptop in class?’ or ‘Where can I print?’ Students would usually have to call, email or visit a helpdesk on campus to get IT questions answered, and if they needed help after hours, they would normally have to wait until the next business day. 

This is where chatbots can help

Chatbots take those quick questions and allow students to access IT support across different mediums – including text messages, web-based chat, and even via social media, to find information and submit requests.

 Students appreciate the speedy replies. 

An IT help desk chatbot could become a new member of your IT support function, helping students with support requests and quick resolutions by:

  • Providing 24/7, around the clock availability to improve overall response times for student queries 
  • Facilitating faster ticket resolution – which increases student satisfaction

But in addition to benefiting your students, a chatbot can free up your team’s time to stay focused on work that adds real value, increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. 

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