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Getting Digital: How a Chatbot Can Answer Thousands of Student Questions

How can you use a chatbot to answer thousands of student questions

‘What majors do you offer?’, ‘what minors do you offer?’, ‘how can I apply for a scholarship?’, ‘what GPA do I need to get in?’. These are just a few of the thousands of questions admissions teams get asked during the enrollment process. While staffers can, of course, respond to these queries (but are limited by time and quantity), a chatbot can answer these types of repetitive questions, hundreds at a time, easily and within seconds. One of the many reasons chatbots are becoming so popular is because they can speak to thousands of students simultaneously on a variety of platforms (for example web, social media, and text message), which creates increased opportunities for admissions teams to connect at a deeper level with students who are already informed of basic enrollment processes.

Chatbots can reach the masses in an instant!

Admissions offices are often expected to increase enrollment while balancing budget and staffing reductions. In other words, technology is the key to unlocking increased efficiencies and enhanced digital engagement. Plus, students today are far more exposed to technology than ever before and are more demanding of information in real time. So, for any college, swift communication is crucial when it comes to engaging with students and answering their questions. 

This is where chatbots can help! 

The beauty of chatbots is that students can interact with them at any time of the day or night, which is particularly beneficial for international students living in different time zones. Institutions can also take comfort from knowing that the responses going out to thousands of students are reliable, consistent and happening round the clock. 

Chatbots have saved the equivalent of 61.8 DAYS of time for all of our clients in the past 30 days alone, by providing 24/7 answers to FAQs from students.
Matt Lanham
CEO Gecko