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How We Embrace Generative AI Throughout Our Recruitment Process


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, employers have three options when it comes to AI in recruitment: ban it, ignore it, or embrace it.

In the beginning, we had concerns about candidates’ use of Generative AI (GenAI) when applying for jobs Gecko, but made the decision to stay neutral (or ignore it). We soon learned that this wasn’t ideal as it meant diverse groups were using GenAI at completely disproportionate rates, to try to level the playing field. At this early stage of GenAI adoption, we began receiving an overwhelming volume of identical AI-generated applications. Many looked impressive initially, but during interviews, it became apparent that these applications were inauthentic and AI-generated (and re-running applications and interviews was not fun).

As a result, and until we could create processes and guidance around GenAI usage in our recruitment processes, we asked candidates to refrain from using AI in their applications (we basically banned it). Although we appreciated this risked shrinking our talent pool and excluding candidates, we felt that this temporary measure was necessary.

Now, we we’re proud to say that we have a good structure in place to coach candidates on good vs poor usage of GenAI.

We provide clear instructions on where it will help or hinder an application, ensuring candidates still have the opportunity to showcase their authentic selves. Embracing GenAI usage means that candidates are less likely to inadvertently disadvantage themselves, as most of them now use GenAI tools.



Our Approach to GenAI in Recruitment

At Gecko, we’ve redesigned and embraced GenAI throughout our recruitment journey while keeping the human touch at the core. Here are some of the ways:

  • AI Copilot in our ATS: We’re proud to have an AI copilot integrated into our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), assisting our hiring team with tasks such as candidate sourcing, scheduling, and personalised communications.
  • AI-Powered Screening: Our ATS is equipped with AI algorithms that analyse CVs and applications, allowing us to identify candidates who best match the job requirements, saving time for both candidates and hiring managers.
  • Personalised Candidate Engagement: Through AI-assisted communications on career portal, candidates receive personalised responses to their queries, providing them with a positive experience and keeping them engaged throughout the process.
  • Virtual Interviews: AI-powered video interviewing platforms help us conduct initial interviews efficiently, allowing candidates to showcase their skills and personality, regardless of their location.


Why We’re Embracing GenAI

Our decision to embrace GenAI in recruitment is driven by our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality. GenAI allows us to streamline our recruitment process, enabling us to focus more time and resources on engaging with top candidates and providing them with a great experience. Just as we innovate in our product development, we’re innovating in how we build our team. Also, embracing AI demonstrates our commitment to progress and staying at the forefront of technology. And by reducing bias and focusing on skills and potential, we ensure that we’re hiring the best talent from diverse backgrounds, enriching our team with different perspectives.


Join Us in Embracing the Future

As we continue to grow and evolve, we invite other employers to join us in embracing GenAI in recruitment. Together, we can revolutionise the way we find and nurture talent, shaping the future of work. Here’s to embracing GenAI and building the future together!

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