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Introducing Our Latest Innovation for Student Recruitment: The Gecko Portal

In today’s competitive educational landscape, universities and colleges are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract and recruit students. With so many responsibilities and distractions, students need a streamlined and engaging experience to stay interested and informed. The Gecko Portal is designed to do just that. This powerful tool centralizes all student interactions in one easy-to-use place, making it simpler for institutions to connect with prospective students and keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process.


The Problem with Fragmented Recruitment Systems

Many institutions use a variety of platforms to manage different aspects of student recruitment. Prospective students might register for events on one site, fill out applications on another, and look for information on yet another platform. This fragmented approach can be confusing and overwhelming for students, who end up with multiple logins and scattered information. As a result, they may lose interest or miss important steps in the recruitment process.

From the institution’s perspective, this fragmentation makes it difficult to track engagement and ensure that all communications are effective. With data spread across various systems, gaining a comprehensive view of prospective student interactions is challenging.


Why the Gecko Portal?

The Gecko Portal was created to address these challenges by bringing all student recruitment interactions into one cohesive space. Whether they’re signing up for open days, filling out application forms, or exploring course information, everything is centralized in the Gecko Portal. This unified approach not only enhances the prospective student experience but also simplifies recruitment processes for the institution.




  • Everything in One Place: The Gecko Portal centralizes all recruitment interactions. From event registrations to personalized content and application forms, everything is accessible in one place. This makes it easier for prospective students to stay on track and for institutions to manage and monitor engagement.
  • Personalized Experience: The portal adapts based on who the prospective student is and what they need. For example, an international applicant will see different information compared to a local applicant, ensuring everyone gets the most relevant content.
  • Easy Access Without Passwords: Prospective students don’t need to remember another password. The Gecko Portal uses a “magic link” sent to their email, which logs them in quickly and easily.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: The portal works seamlessly with other Gecko tools. Forms, events, and chat features are all included, eliminating the need for additional logins or systems.
  • Easy Setup and Customization: Setting up the Gecko Portal is straightforward, requiring no special tech skills. Institutions can customize the portal to match their branding and specific recruitment needs. The menu is easy to adjust, allowing administrators to add, remove, or move sections around with ease.



  • Personalized Dashboard: Prospective students can see their tasks, recent messages, and upcoming events all in one place.
  • Dynamic Menu: The menu changes based on the student’s profile, showing them the most relevant sections such as applications, events, and specific forms.
  • One-Click Actions: Forms and event registrations are pre-filled with student information, making it quick and easy to complete tasks.
  • Mobile Friendly: The portal works great on any device, so students can access it from their phones, tablets, or computers.


Top Use Cases

  • For Prospective Students: Create a dedicated space for prospective students, providing them with all the information and tasks they need to make informed decisions. This can include confirming attendance at open days, accessing course details, and starting their application process.
  • Preventing Summer Melt: For schools in the U.S. that worry about losing prospective students over the summer, the Gecko Portal can keep them engaged with continuous updates and reminders, helping ensure they follow through with their enrollment.
  • During Clearing: During busy times like clearing, the Gecko Portal can be a one-stop shop for all necessary information and tasks. Prospective students can quickly access forms, chat with admissions staff, and get answers to their questions, streamlining the clearing process and enhancing the overall experience.
  • Engaging High-Potential Candidates: The portal can also be tailored for high-potential candidates, offering a VIP experience that provides personalized content, direct access to admissions staff, and exclusive information about the institution.


For a more in-depth overview, watch the on-demand demo. Join our CEO, Matt Latham, as he walks you through the Portal, showing just how easily it can transform your student management approach.



The Gecko Portal is a game-changer for student recruitment. By centralizing interactions, personalizing content, and leveraging AI, it makes the recruitment process smoother and more effective. If your institution is looking for a better way to attract and engage prospective students, the Gecko Portal is the answer.

For more details and to see how the Gecko Portal can work for your recruitment efforts, book a demo. Let’s make student recruitment simple and effective with the Gecko Portal.


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