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Curious About Chatbots for Higher Education?

There’s a lot of buzz around chatbots in higher education right now; and if your curiosity is piqued as to what it’s all about, keep reading for a little insight and a great source for further information.

The use of chatbots within higher education institutions is transforming the way universities engage with students.  Whether it’s admissions, financial aid, IT Helpdesk or any number of other functional areas, many colleges and universities are launching chatbots to enhance student experience and make their institutions stand out.

Chatbot Champions

One of the best things about chatbots is they can be used almost anywhere to answer routine, frequently asked questions. They can make you a champion in your approach to answering student questions across every functional area of your institution.  

Work in Academic Advising? Use a bot to give instant answers to questions like “how do I make an appointment?” or “how many credits do I need to graduate?” – whatever time of day it happens to be.  Similarly, use a chatbot as the first point of contact on your IT helpdesk and a student will never have to wait for a human to start work to reset their password, find a printer or access institutional software tools.

Build Up That Bot

You might think that, yes, a chatbot sounds good to free up time for your team and provide 24/7 answers to FAQs from students, but there is no way that you can spare the resource required to collate information and get your chatbot up and running.  However, with a little planning and prep, you can get a chatbot live and delivering results with impact in less than a week.

Instant Impact

Just yesterday, GeckoEngage helped the University of Birmingham launch their chatbot, Joe.  In only 15 hours since going live, Joe had successfully conversed with students from six of the world’s seven continents (what’s up Antarctica? why aren’t you chatting?) and had saved the university’s team 4.8 hours of valuable time.  Time that can be redeployed on high-value tasks.

Boost Your Bot Knowledge

For a more detailed overview on the benefits that a chatbot can bring to your higher education institution, as well as tips and tricks for getting your bot launched quickly and efficiently, register for our upcoming webinar.

You’ll hear from our VP of Digital Strategy and higher ed digital transformation expert, Eric Stoller, on the many uses of chatbot for student engagement, as well as the future of bot within the higher education field.  We’ll also detail the implementation journey and the results achieved from our many higher education partners.

GeckoEngage provides chatbot, live chat, data capture and event management technology for higher education.  If you would like to find out more about our solutions, why not schedule a demo?