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Outside Insight S01 / EP02

Rabbit R1 Review, Apple Intelligence and Everyday AI Applications

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Rabbit R1 Review, Apple Intelligence and Everyday AI Applications

In this episode…

Discover the latest developments in AI hardware with the Rabbit R1, explore Apple’s groundbreaking “Apple Intelligence,” learn how to incorporate AI tools like ChatGPT into your daily life, and find out how to stay updated on the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Dive deeper into the topics discussed:

  1. Rabbit R1 – AI hardware device, designed to be portable and user-friendly.
  2. Apple Intelligence – A personal intelligence system that puts powerful generative models right at the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and powers incredible new features to help users communicate, work, and express themselves.
  3. Claude 3.5 Sonnet – New AI released by Anthropic. Raising the industry bar for intelligence and outperforming competitor models.
  4. Open AI – An AI research and deployment company responsible for ChatGPT.
  5. Anguilla, Caribbean Island – IMF article discussing the surge in website domain registrations in 2023 which equated to approximately USD $32 million in revenue for the island.
  6. What does the public in six countries think of generative AI – Article discussing an online survey focused on understanding if and how people use generative artificial intelligence (AI) across  areas of work and life across six countries (Argentina, Denmark, France, Japan, the UK, and the USA).


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