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Outside Insight S01 / EP01

Exploring AI Hardware, the Open-Source Movement, and Safety Implications

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Exploring AI Hardware, the Open-Source Movement, and Safety Implications

In this episode…

Join our CEO & Founder, Matt Lanham, and Head of AI, Johnny Richardson, as they dive into the world of AI. We’ll chat about the latest advancements in AI hardware, explore the exciting developments in open-source AI, and discuss the crucial aspects of AI safety and transparency.

Dive deeper into the topics discussed:

  1. Button Down – an AI news newsletter that consolidates information from various sources like Discord, Reddit, and Twitter into a single email.
  2. Thursday AI – A voice room event on X (formerly Twitter) that recaps and discusses various AI topics weekly
  3. Humane AI Pin – A wearable AI device that clips onto clothing, features a camera and microphone, and can project information onto the user’s hand.
  4. Rabbit R1 – Another AI hardware device, designed to be portable and user-friendly.
  5. Open Interpreter – An open-source project where users can build their own AI hardware using specific components.
  6. AlphaFold 3 – A major AI development from DeepMind related to protein folding.
  7. Claude AI by Anthropic – An AI model mentioned as having a good mobile app and providing quality responses, especially in writing tasks.
  8. Wendy’s AI Drive-Thru – An implementation of AI to take orders at drive-thrus, showcasing practical business uses of AI
  9. Microsoft Work Trend Index Report 2024 – A report detailing the usage and impact of Microsoft’s AI tools like Copilot.
  10. Vision Pro by Apple – Discussed as a significant piece of hardware integrating AR and AI.


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