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Introducing AI Insights to Gecko Chat

We want to help you spot themes and identify trends in your chat conversations. The Gecko platform has tons of valuable data, and with our new AI capabilities, we're bringing these insights directly to you.

New features include:

AI will automatically tag conversations based on their content. We have a set of 25 curated tags, created from our collective knowledge of the higher education sector, which AI will choose from when assigning tags. This happens in the background regardless if you have the AI Insights toggle switched on or off.


You can allow AI to automatically choose from tags that were created manually, by switching on the “Allow AI to use this tag” toggle in the tags panel in settings.


AI assigned tags will be visible on the conversation tags tab and will be identifiable with a ✨ icon.

  • This is only visible with the AI Insights toggle enabled.


A new Tag Summary chart was recently added, and this will include any AI assigned tags, also visible with a ✨ icon.

  • AI assigned tags are only visible on this chart with the AI Insights toggle enabled.


A new Conversation Summary tab was added to the conversation view. This includes:

  • A conversation sentiment which is split into positive, negative and neutral. We utilise OpenAI to review the conversation content and assign values to these new sentiment scores.
  • A brief conversation summary which outlines the main talking points in a paragraph or so.
  • This new tab is only visible with the AI Insights toggle enabled.