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Campus visitors are the highest-yielding segment of prospective students. Give them an experience they deserve with the GeckoEngage end-to-end event management platform.

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Maximizing student engagement and event attendance: Discover how the College at Brockport and the University of Southampton utilized GeckoEngage to impact student recruitment.

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Whether you’re running high-touch admitted students events, or need to automate your campus tour process, GeckoEngage has your back.

…or write your own.

Mix, match and reorder individual components to create reusable event playbooks that work for your team, and for your students.

  • GeckoEngage Higher Education Student Engagement Tool Registration

    Student Registration

  • GeckoEngage Higher Education Event Management Tool Automated Emails & Texts

    Automated Emails & Texts

  • GeckoEngage College Student Event Planning Platform Ticketing


  • GeckoEngage Higher Education Event Planning Tool Itinerary Management

    Itinerary Management

  • GeckoEngage University Student Event Software Session Level Scheduling

    Session-Level Scheduling

  • GeckoEngage University Education Chat Tool Single Click Calling

    Single-Click Calling

  • GeckoEngage University Education Event Software Check In

    Event Check-In

  • GeckoEngage University Education Student Chat Support One-to-One Conversations

    One-to-One Conversations

  • GeckoEngage Higher Education Support Tool Surveys

    Student Surveys

  • GeckoEngage University Education Software Reporting


  • GeckoEngage College Education Event Planning Platform CRM Integration

    CRM Integration

Pre-event tools

Because first-impressions start well before a student arrives on campus…

Boost student attendance with high-converting, fully-embeddable registration forms.

You’ve spent tens of thousands driving traffic to your website. So don’t send prospective students to an off-brand, unoptimized web form. GeckoEngage forms looks awesome, and can be embedded into your existing site.

GeckoEngage College Student Data Capture Gecko Form

Automate ticketing (with Apple Wallet integration) and pre-event communication.

Providing a ticketing experience like a modern airline or sports team is one way an institution can turn a potential headache into a technology differentiator. Students utilize their existing smartphone technology — and there’s no need to print anything.

GeckoEngage University Mobile Ready Event RSVP

Increase “show-rate” with targeted, pre-event calls.

Call prospective students as part of your pre-event outreach — or after your event, to gather feedback. Student-to-student conversations are super-impactful, and making calls is as easy as clicking a button in a web browser, so it’s a lot easier than you might think to run impactful call campaigns.

GeckoEngage Higher Education Event Planner Gecko Form Admin

Lighten event team workload by offering a self-service event portal for students.

Most student inquiries include questions about the event, their itinerary, and requests to make changes. Offering every student their own personalized event portal allows them to check their own schedule, dramatically reducing the number of admin queries your team has to field.

GeckoEngage College Student Event Planner Tool Event Portal
GeckoEngage Higher Education College Chatbot Tool Lori Lynn

By using GeckoEngage’s Visit Experience Platform to call students prior to each event, we boosted our Open House “show rate” by over 30%.

— Lori Kukuck, Lynn University

Event day and beyond

We take care of the technology and communication, so you can focus on providing a unique student experience.

Easily run online events that integrate with your CRM, and any video conference platform

Run your online events using the same platform as your on-campus events, ensuring that every virtual attendee is checked in and automatically updated in your CRM. Once checked in, easily direct your attendees to any video platform of your choice, providing them with the link, or dial in instructions as required.

Online Virtual Events

Offer a student check-in experience for the campus of tomorrow.

Say goodbye to lengthy queues and stressed-out students with multiple check-in options. For on-campus check-in (and for tracking attendance at individual sessions), schools can use our dedicated check-in applications. Alternatively, a self-check-in option is available, reducing the need for staffed kiosks.

GeckoEngage College Education Chat Support Tool Event Check In

Manage every student message from a centralized, collaborative inbox.

Whether a student has a question whilst registering for your event or wants to text you as they’re walking around campus, our shared inbox means it’s a breeze for your team to manage every conversation. Students will love your responsiveness, and you’ll never worry about messages falling through the cracks.

GeckoEngage University Student Chat Tool Gecko Chat

Automatically gather student feedback and predict enrollment trends.

The best institutions strive for constant improvement. Gathering (and actioning) feedback is integral to levelling-up your events game. GeckoEngage can automatically survey students post-event, and help you visualize which attendees are most-likely to enroll.

GeckoEngage College Events Tool Gecko Form Dashboard

Maintain visibility of every student touch-point in your higher education CRM.

Whilst GeckoEngage offers everything you need to run your entire events calendar, some schools like to track each touch-point in their CRM too. Our platform integrates with many Higher Education CRMs, and can post contact-level changes as well as recording a full log of every communication activity.

GeckoEngage University higher education software CRM Integrations

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