The visit experience platform for education

Campus visitors are the highest-yielding segment of prospective students. Give them an experience they deserve with the GeckoEngage end-to-end event management platform.

Manage your events calendar from a single, built-for-purpose system…

Open House Registration

Boost attendance numbers with high-converting, fully-embeddable registration forms.

Automated Ticketing

Paperless ticketing, using a student's existing smartphone technology.

Self-Service Event Portal

Students can manage their own itinerary, reducing admin overhead for your team.

One-Click Calling

Increase “show-rate” with targeted, pre-event calls. Or follow-up with answers to student questions post-event.

Next-Gen Check-In

Say goodbye to lengthy queues and stressed-out students with multiple check-in options.

Triggered Communications

Automatically send emails and SMS based on custom trigger-points (such as check-in, missed sessions, etc).

One-to-One Conversations at Scale

Manage every student message from a centralized, team-accessible inbox.

Automatically gather feedback

Survey students post-event, and visualize which attendees are most-likely to enroll.

…whilst maintaining visibility of every
touch-point in your CRM.

Radius CRM
Salesforce CRM
Dynamics CRM
Slate CRM
Tribal CRM
Connect CRM
Ellucian CRM

Additive technology for your highest-impact activity

Student visits are too important to be managed from an unloved, unsupported, “tacked-on” module within an outdated CRM.

Gecko’s Visit Experience Platform enables schools of all sizes to create sophisticated, multi-channel playbooks — without ripping out your existing systems and starting from scratch.

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Students using Gecko Engage
Students at University Open Day

We're all in a race against time.

As the Higher Education landscape continues to shift, we’re left with some (unnerving) realities:

  • Student expectations are always increasing
  • There’s ever-greater (and increasingly sophisticated) competition
  • Our staff are constantly overworked
  • We’re wrangling with tech that’s a burden, not a differentiator

All of this leads to an environment where creative, impactful campus experiences are rare. And in this light, it’s not surprising.

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