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Student Engagement, Supercharged with AI

Gecko's platform transforms the student experience, while providing staff with the applications they need, all under one roof. And with the latest AI from ChatGPT and IBM leveraged throughout the Gecko platform, we'll make your team of two feel like a team of twenty.

Purposed-designed solutions for higher education

Digital transformation

Put technology and data to work across your organization to help you better engage with students, make more informed decisions and maximize all of your resources.
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Enroll More Students

Reach, engage and onboard more of the right students in less time with less effort.
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Increase Team Capacity

Our smart technology can help a small team of two people achieve more than a team of twenty with practical and clever solutions that work for you.
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Implementation & integration

Our technology integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, and we can have you up and running with Gecko in a week (yes, one week).

Our technology

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