Endless opportunities with our latest feature: Gecko webhooks

We recently announced the launch of Gecko webhooks, to tell you more about the ‘endless possibilities’ of working with webhooks, Software Engineer, Donald Lessells takes some time out of his busy schedule to explain.

I completed and submitted a GeckoForm and, as if by magic, the hallway light in my flat switched on. Similar to a Disney film, this light bulb moment signalled Gecko’s somewhat unexpected entry to the internet of things.

But, it wasn’t magic. This light bulb moment, was made possible by the introduction of our latest integration: webhooks!

Intended to have more general applications than our existing integrations, webhooks allow you to post GeckoForm contact or response data to a URL of your choice.

In the case of my hallway light, the web form’s settings -as configured in GeckoForm- means that any response, along with a password key, are automatically synced to a URL provided by ifttt.com. ifttt’s Hive Active Light apple then takes care of switching on the light.

You don’t need to use this new feature to control your electrical appliances if you don’t want to. You might prefer, for example, to add any newly generated Gecko contacts to a Google Contacts list via Zapier or add email contacts you’ve collected to a campaign list or Google Sheet for your marketing department.

The possibilities really are endless, and we can’t wait to work with our clients to explore the possibilities webhooks provide us with. If you are able to come up with some webhooks of your own, we’d love to hear them using the GeckoForm below!

Webhook post requests can currently be sent using form or URL encoding, with XML encoding in the development pipeline.

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