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GeckoEngage at UKNARIC conference 2019


Are you heading to UKNARIC19 in Westminster, from 4-5 November 2019? Join us at UKNARIC, a key date in the higher education calendar, and discover why everybody is talking about chatbots for higher education.

Planning your UKNARIC schedule? Come and chat bots with us

Higher education institutions are increasingly turning to chatbots to get an edge on the competition when it comes to student admissions. GeckoEngage partners who have launched a chatbot for frequent student questions have seen a huge reduction in team workload.

If you’d like to chat bots over coffee and discover how they can transform your higher education institution, book a quick chat with us in the exhibitors’ hall.

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Join us for a panel discussion at UKNARIC 2019

GeckoEngage’s VP of Customer Success, Chris Gibson, joins a panel session at 1.45 pm on Tuesday 5 November to discuss “Making Your Offer Distinctive”.  This session examines how universities and colleges can use technology to improve pre-application engagement, as well as how offering additional professionally recognised training can improve employability and how providing safe and high-standard accommodation helps improve the overall offer to potential students.

Delegates can book a spot via the online workshop selection page and choosing the second option on the list under Day 2: Tuesday 5th | afternoon | slot 3 |13.45-14.40 🙂

Introducing ‘The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots’

Keen to explore using a chatbot but unsure of where to begin? We are thrilled to launch our book, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots.’ A must-read for every higher education professional, it offers an in-depth and easy-to-follow look at chatbots.

Drawing from real-life examples, we take a broad view of how chatbots are used across other industries before focusing on specific use cases for chatbot technology within higher education – helping you to understand what they can do for you and your school. 

Order your book now or pick up a copy from our booth in the exhibitors’ hall

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Essential reading for your journey to UKNARIC

Waiting to get your hands on our ultimate guide to chatbots? We’ve produced a series of articles to help you research and implement chatbots in your school – perfect reading for your journey to UKNARIC19. We look forward to seeing you there!

Transforming Your Admission Team’s Workload with a Bot

Human versus Chatbot – what works best?

Getting Started with a Chatbot – How Difficult is it?

About UKNARIC 2019

UK NARIC is the UK’s national agency responsible for providing information and opinion on academic, vocational and professional qualifications from around the world. Managed on behalf of the UK Government, UK NARIC provides the only official source of information and advice on overseas professional skills and qualifications.

The UKNARIC19 Conference, which takes place in Westminster from 4-5 November 2019, will host more than 40 specialist workshops. This year’s theme, ‘Vision, Values, Impact,’ will explore international education in the wider context of trade and diplomacy, the continuing uncertainty around Brexit and immigration, as well as how to project your institutional identity internationally.   

Source: UK NARIC 

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