Gecko Trumps at IWMW 2018

Download the full IWMW 2018 Gecko Trump report now!

Last week, Adrian and Boris headed down to the University of York for the annual IWMW 2018 conference. Equipped with our brand new Gecko Trumps card, the team were excited to launch our live experiment with University of Aberdeen’s Enquiries & Conversion Manager, Megan Mcfarlane as part of our ‘Maximising user experience with limited resource’ masterclass.

What is Gecko Trumps?

Think Top Trumps meets Golf (bear with me). The aim of the game was for each individual in the masterclass to find all of the information for each Top Trump card in the lowest number of clicks. We wanted to put university web decision makers that attended IWMW 2018 in the shoes of prospective students to give them an idea of what it is like to be a student surfing their site.

Who are the students?

Jane is a 16-year-old prospective student from Newcastle. Jane is hoping to study Nursing at Undergraduate level in 2019 and would like more information about bursaries and would like to sign up for institutions Open Days.

Michael is a 35-year-old prospective MBA student. Michael is based in Boston and will be sponsored by his employer throughout the duration of his course. He would like to find out more about industry links, with the hope of studying in 2021.

Li Jing is a 17-year-old prospective student from China. Li Jing will be a self-funded Art & Design student beginning in 2020. Li Jin suffers from dyslexia so would like to find out more about disability support from institutions.

Maggies is a 28-year-old postgraduate student from Germany. Maggies is interested in studying psychology in 2020 at a UK institution. Maggie will be funding her studies via postgraduate loan and would like to find out more about graduate jobs.

Yabani is a 17-year-old prospective Nigerian student. Yabani is interested in studying law at undergraduate level and is seeking potential scholarship opportunities. Yabani would like to begin his studies in 2020 and would like to know what societies are available at his chosen university.

How were institutions scored?

Each masterclass delegate was given five trump cards and asked to find out all of the information on the card and asked:

How many clicks did it take you to find the necessary information?

How easy did you find the website to navigate?

How much of the information were you able to find?

And finally, was the information discovered enough to begin your application?

How did the students rank?

Out of all of our Gecko Trumps student, Li Jing came out on top as the most likely student to apply. From the results, Li Jing received a middle score for each of the questions, meaning that the experience for a student in Li Jing’s position is fairly average.

Jane was a close second, finding most of the information needed in the lowest number of clicks. Jane scored high for user experience but was unable to find all of the information requested, resulting in only some of the players feeling comfortable enough to make an application.

Out of all of our students, Maggie scored directly in the middle for user experience and speed. Maggie fell short when it came to the amount of information she needed to complete her application, with only 65% of the information needed easily available.

From the experiment, International student, Yabani found the most information on institutions websites but suffered from the worst user experience of all our students. This showing that Yabani was able to apply to study based on website information, but he would have to be willing to dedicate the time to do so.

MBA student, Michael scored poorly in all of the fields, finding the least amount of information in the most amount of clicks. This resulted in Michael being unable to make an application solely based on the information available on the participating UK universities website. Looks like institutions have a bit of work to do to improve user experience for MBA students!

Download the full IWMW 2018 Gecko Trump report now!

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