Gecko Customer Success : Popular FAQ’s

For this months Customer Success newsletter we thought we would iron out some of the queries that the Gecko Customer Success team receive on a regular basis!

Filtering Contacts and Adding Existing Contacts to an Event

A common query we get in the support team is how to add large numbers of existing contacts to an event.

The advanced search functionality in Gecko is very powerful and versatile, using this tool will allow you to sort and filter your contacts by almost any criteria you can think of, the below video gives a quick overview of how the advanced search works:


Once you have used the advanced search tool to filter the contacts you are looking to add to your event you can use the multi select option to bulk select your contacts and then the ‘Actions on Selected’ button to ‘Add to Event’ – see below:

The ‘Add to Event’ button will display a pop-up where you can specify which event you want your contacts to be added to – you are even able to specify specific sessions/session times and the status you would like the attendees to be added as if required.

Bulk Email / SMS Event Attendees

Another popular query that clients ask us about is the best, easiest and quickest way to contact all event attendees by email or text message.

The most common way of sending email/SMS communications to attendees in Gecko is via a workflow. Event workflows allow you to set automated actions that trigger depending on the stage of an event or an attendees interaction. You can find a ton of information of event workflows on our knowledge base.

If however, you are looking to send a bulk email/SMS to all event attendees or attendees of a particular session the best way to do this would be to access the event itself, bulk select the attendees you want to contact, click on the ‘Actions on Selected’ button and then Email/SMS Attendees as shown in the image below:

**Remember: If your email template uses any event specific template tag, your email must be sent from the event section of Gecko in order for the correct details to be pulled into the template**

Pre-populate Form Fields

You can pre-fill form fields both on the web and on mobile forms.

Web forms 

Our web forms can be pre-filled by adding elements into the form URL, while the mobile forms can be pre-filled through the admin section of the app using the ‘set defaults’ option. The video below demonstrates how to pre-fill web forms and provides some examples of how this can be used in conjunction with Gecko email templates such as pre-filling a longer form with details like name and email address which you have captured on a shorter form at an earlier date:

GeckoForm mobile app

On our GeckoForm mobile app, you can assign a default value to any form field type. To do this go into the ‘Admin’ section of the app and in the ‘Forms’ section click on the ‘Set Form Defaults’ option for the form you are looking to set default values on, this will bring up the form which you can start pre-populating.

We hope that our Gecko Customer Success FAQ’s help you when using our system and if there is anything else you would like to see, please tweet us on @Geckosuccess!

In the meantime why not checkout out our Gecko Customer Success Knowledge base which is crammed full of helpful videos and tutorials designed to help you get the most out of our superhuman software!

Check out helpful videos & tutorials in the Gecko Customer Success Knowledge base! 

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