Gecko – 2017 update

As I approach the 4th anniversary of founding Gecko it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the growth of the business to date, and also hint at a few things we’re working on next.


They say a picture paints a thousand words, so the above graph plots how we’ve grown over the past 3 years:

  • 2014 - Where it all began, can you believe we only had 2 clients in mid 2014? From there, we have continued to grow and by the end of the year, we started to build our reputation and gained lots of new clients.
  • 2015 – Our team and our clients continued to grow in 2015 and we were lucky enough to raise more investment towards the end of the year!
  • 2016 – We launched our Call product in 2016, as well as new functionality and design, it was our biggest year of growth which saw us gain some traction in North America!
  • 2017 -  Our first quarter is coming to a close and already this year is shaping up nicely, we continue to grow by over 100% and we have new product launches planned.

We’re never finished…

Here at Gecko, we share a passion for innovating and building great products with simple user interfaces that solve real pain. That’s why we’re never finished!

We have the most amazing customers you could ask for who continually give us feedback and market insight which helps us build fantastic new features, and products.

With their help we’ve expanded how Gecko can be used, and released new functions over the last 12 months:

  • SMS — within our Pro package you can now use Gecko to easily send SMS messages to groups of people
  • Events— an enhanced events system that now allows Gecko to be used during open days, campus visits and other invitation style events
  • Call Inbound —building on top of our outbound functionality, you can now answer incoming calls, and automatically log them
  • Desktop app —takes our data capture products further with the ability to take data offline on your Mac, or Surface tablet

What’s next?

We’ve got a few product ideas up our sleeve, some of which our team are already busy researching  -  after all we want to invest our time into solving real problems.

But there’s one project that I’m really excited about, which is around building a better version of the ‘live chat’ tools that many of our customers currently use.

We believe that we want our existing products to be the best they possibly can, and that is why we want our chat tool to allow you the ability to have discussion not just on your website. With the rise of mobile, and messaging platforms, we believe that the scope needs to be broadened, and modernised.

I don’t want to give away too much more at the moment, but if you’re currently using one of those live chat widgets on your website then you’re going to love what we are working on!

Keep an eye out for the big reveal in the next few weeks once we’ve progressed the development further, and finalised the functionality.

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