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EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2020

This year EDUCAUSE Annual Conference has moved to a virtual world and will be running from October 27-29.  The Conference captures the most innovative thinking in higher education and we are thrilled to be included in the on-demand sessions.

Planning your EDUCAUSE schedule? Check out our on-demand session

Our CEO & Founder Matt Lanham will cover some key points in his session Trusting Your Chatbot — The Power of People and Perception:

  • How digital transformation is rarely ever about technology and is always about trust, people, and perception
  • How conversational technology is transforming digital engagement at a number of universities
  • How to get buy-in from campus leaders to support tech-based initiatives

This session will show you how chatbots can help you with taking the burden away and reducing team workload.

Introducing ‘The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots’

Ahead of EDUCAUSE, we are thrilled to share with you our book, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots.’ It’s a crucial read for anyone working in higher education, it offers an in-depth and easy-to-follow look at what chatbots are, how they have evolved, and what they can do for your school.

Tired of answering the same questions time and again? We’re sure you’ll be excited to learn about the potential chatbots have for higher education. Free your team from repetitive questions, focus your valuable time elsewhere and enhance your student experience.

Order your copy now.

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Essential reading for your journey to EDUCAUSE

While the idea of using a chatbot may appeal, the thought of getting started can be overwhelming. We’ve produced a series of articles to help you on your journey, both to chatbot freedom and to EDUCAUSE 2019. We look forward to seeing you there!

Transforming Your Admission Team’s Workload with a Bot

Human versus Chatbot – what works best?

Getting Started with a Chatbot – How Difficult is it?

About the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2020

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit organization that helps higher education to elevate the impact of IT. It runs a number of programs throughout the year, including research, leadership training, the horizon report, and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI).

The EDUCAUSE annual conference showcases the very best in higher education IT.


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