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When it comes to managing your admissions process, having the right tools is crucially important. In last week’s blog, we covered why it’s important to share information inter-departmentally. In case you forgot – it increases student success! And increasing your student’s success means you’re increasing your own! 

Today, we wanted to dive a little deeper into how one of our partners expanded its use of technology into different departments to support their students through uncertain times.

The impact on our students has been significant and varied. From being thrown into a completely remote learning environment, loss of jobs, some students were ill with COVID 19, and others had heightened food insecurity.

Corinto Cevallos, Business Analyst, Bunker Hill Community College

Taking Action Now Means Higher Success

Bunker Hill Community College made it a priority to increase their outreach plans with personal phone calls, increased tutoring resources, more funding, and distribution of laptops and Chromebooks for students who had no access to the technology. In times like these, those are essential needs that have to be filled, but then once that’s done, who will manage the many questions and problems that arise with students? 

Technology changes the game.

Having already done all of that for their students, BHCC decided to integrate our AI-powered chatbot into their system. To provide outreach and connection with their students, they created four chat channels that were always available to students when needed. Suffice it to say, it took off like lightning! Working side by side with Gecko, they’ve now integrated 11 channels with 80 staff that are always available to chat with students. This means BHCC can create more connections with their students, encourage engagement, and keep every student thriving through innovation and technology.

Most importantly, students have the information they need when they need it – and this means more time for your staff to focus on creating a better learning experience for your students.

It all starts with communication!

Getting to where they are now wasn’t easy but what really brought their online advising to new heights was communication. Interdepartmental communication played a huge role in keeping students engaged.

By expanding the use of their chatbot from their admissions team into academic advising, BHCC managed to continue providing students with support for their development, maintaining motivation and a sense of belonging through the pandemic.

All of our chat channels are used by staff throughout the college. We have 26 advisors, success coaches, student mentors, and administrators logged in to help our students with course selections, support for their current program, transfers, prepping for graduation, career advising, etc.

Chat was extremely instrumental in retaining and assisting students to continue through the pandemic towards their goals whether it was graduating or working on their English Language Proficiency.

Corinto Cevallos, Business Analyst, Bunker Hill Community College

At Gecko, we’re always innovating the way educational institutions manage their communication. We can provide your institution with technologies that create engagement, connection, and inspiration. Your students deserve improved outcomes. Gecko is the solution that enables higher education institutions to achieve better results for students. Get started today!

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