How GeckoEngage started

GeckoEngage was established in 2012 by Matt Lanham with the vision of improving the way companies managed inquiries generated from all corners of their digital marketing, it was a problem that he had experienced first hand whilst running a digital agency, and something that existing solutions were not providing.

Higher education technology
designed for you

Today, GeckoEngage offers two products — both still focused around freeing Higher Education teams to focus on high-impact activities.

Institutions can now communicate with students one-to-one, and at scale, with our AI-powered conversational messaging platform, Chat. Our clients consolidate all their messaging channels into a single, collaborative inbox. And then, using our customizable bots, they capture leads, answer questions and register event attendees on autopilot, 24/7.

Our visit experience platform enables schools to create sophisticated, multi-channel event playbooks, designed to take students from curious inquirers through to enrolled students. Combining key pre-event, on-the-day and post-event activities within a single platform showcases your school as a modern, responsive institution whilst providing your Admissions team with powerful tools to run streamlined, impactful events.

The GeckoEngage team

GeckoEngage University Live Chat Engagement Matt Lanham

Matthew Lanham

GeckoEngage Higher Education Chatbot Solution Neil Jordan

Neil Jordan

GeckoEngage Higher Education Student Support Chat Duncan Findlater

Duncan Findlater

Strategy Director
GeckoEngage University Chatbot Solution Ruth Walker

Ruth Walker

People & Office Manager
GeckoEngage University Chat Software Heather Di Rollo

Heather Di Rollo

Head of Finance
GeckoEngage Higher Education Student Event Software Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Marketing Manager

Steph Sharkey

Campaign & Content Executive

Ilona Rama

Marketing & Events Executive
GeckoEngage Higher Education Software Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson

UK Sales Manager
GeckoEngage Higher Education Student Event Management Jamie Crampton

Jamie Crampton

Business Development Manager
GeckoEngage College Student Event Management Solution Jonny Richardson

Jonny Richardson

Head of Implementation
GeckoEngage Higher Education Chat Solution Boris Naumov

Boris Naumov

Head of Customer Success, UK
GeckoEngage College Student Live Chat Software Jonny Urquhart

Jonny Urquhart

Customer Success Executive
GeckoEngage Higher Education Chatbot Solution Ruby Williams

Ruby Williams

Customer Success Executive

Calum Shepherd

VP of Product
GeckoEngage College Education Live Chat Callum Dickson

Callum Dickson

Product Manager
GeckoEngage Higher Education College Student Chat Liam Young

Liam Young

Product Designer
GeckoEngage University Chat Tool Andy Cairns

Andy Cairns

VP of Engineering
GeckoEngage Higher Education Chat Software Malcolm Christie

Malcolm Christie

Lead Software Engineer
GeckoEngage College Student Event Management Platform Scott Carmichael

Scott Carmichael

Lead Software Engineer
GeckoEngage Higher Education Student Platform Callum Hogg

Callum Hogg

Lead Software Engineer
GeckoEngage University Live Chatbot Software Harry Swan

Harry Swan

Software Engineer
GeckoEngage Higher Education Event Management Solution Donald Lessells

Donald Lessells

Software Engineer
GeckoEngage University Student Live Chat Sean Lynch

Sean Lynch

Software Engineer
GeckoEngage College Student Event Management Solutions Pete Sommerville

Pete Somerville

Software Engineer

Fraser McVean

Software Engineer

Allan Milne

Junior Software Engineer

Amanda Williamson

Junior Software Engineer

Karolina Kaczmarska

Junior Software Engineer
GeckoEngage University Student Chat Software Andrew Craib

Andrew Craib

Quality Assurance
GeckoEngage College Chatbot Support Daniel Kenny

Daniel Kenny

Quality Assurance

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